Welcome Parents

Welcome Parents! This part of our site is to help us strengthen our communication about your child. We have many different resources to keep you up to date on your student's progress. Please read below carefully to see how you can keep in touch with your child’s teachers and stay updated on their grades.

We are glad you have chosen Noble for your child's education. We want to support you in guiding your child to do his or her best. Here are some links that we hope you will find helpful as you continue the challenging task of parenting a teenager.

Your active participation in supporting your child at DRW College Prep will greatly enhance his/her success. Here are a few things to do as a Noble parent:

  • Stay informed about your child's progress by checking PowerSchool frequently.
  • Keep communication open with the school.
  • Support your child's study habits.
  • Become familiar with DRW College Prep guidelines in the Parent Handbook.
  • Support your son or daughter's career planning and college search.

Read the Parent Handbook